December 03, 19

The Gang's Back Together

If you haven't seen Epix's take on Get Shorty, you should turn on your TV tonight and start. Chris O'Dowd and Ray Romano return to play Miles Daly and Rick Moreweather, respectively, in an all new season. Epix returned to McM to handle the audio for the promotional campaign. We first created a series of teases which involved scene cut-downs, and GFX. Nothing fancy, but the vibe of the teases really set the tone for the new episodes. Check out one of our favorites.

To promote each episode the producers went with a very simple style of dialog and music. Dialog editing was crucial to each mix. There wasn't much to hide behind as is the case with other promotional episodics. Although the end product doesn't seem like anything fancy, we're super proud of the work we did to smooth out the edits.

Catch Get Shorty Season 3 on Epix!