June 29, 20

A Victorian, Edgy Downton (Abbey)

From the mind of Julian Fellowes (creator of Downton Abbey), comes a brand new period piece based on his best selling 2016 novel entitled, Belgravia. Belgravia is the story of two families who are forever intertwined by the events that unfold at the famed Duchess of Richmond's ball. Riding the massive success of Downton Abbey, Epix was able to obtain the exclusive rights to turn Fellowes' new brainchild into a six episode series for the ages. Once again, Epix tapped McM's JD McMillin to help with the launch of the show.

Besides the show itself, most of the content created around the show passed through McM Sound. From behind the scenes vignettes (which aired at the end of every episode), to episodics and many other promotional spots, JD helped push the show to the forefront of everyone's eyes (and ears). "It was an interesting campaign to work on. With COVID lockdown in full effect, we didn't know what to expect from viewership, so we just churned out a TON of content." describes JD. "Probably the most important pieces, were the behind the scenes vignettes that air at the end of every episode." Check out the show Overview below.

During the campaign, the show started to gain some traction among TV critics, and so a spot showcasing what was being written about the show was created. "Epix loves to make spots that are based around the music of the shows they are promoting, and that is right in my wheelhouse. Great care was taken to be sure the sound had a nice flow...and paired with a great edit, we got a great spot out of it."

Finally, as with all show campaigns, episodics to tease each episode were created and aired on the channel in the week leading up to the next episode. "We were asked to only use music from the show, and in this case, most of the cues were just beds lifted from the episodes. I was tasked to do some music augmentation to each episodic, to give it a little more life," says JD. Check out a couple of his favorites below.

You can check out the entire series (plus all of the BTS content) on the Epix streaming App, or on demand through your cable provider.