February 22, 20

I Didn't Give You The Itch

Scratch is the story of a serial killer who is haunted by the devil. When writer/director Ronan Jorah hit up McM's JD McMillin about the mix, the idea was to create a world from the point of view of the killer. Jorah was very clear that he wanted the world itself to be a character in the film, so this allowed us to get really creative with the mix. While most of the sound design was provided, JD was able to treat the mix as a sound design element. The killer has frequent 'spells' during the story, and one challenge was to create a mind bending dip in the character's consciousness by only using sound manipulation and mix techniques. "Most of the time a mixer's job is to be completely transparent," says JD. "But for this project, I thought about what it would feel like to have visual hallucinations of a demon, while also experiencing an enormous migraine headache. That's how I decided to approach this mix."

The short was finished in 5.1 surround sound, to really create a POV soundscape and an immersive feel to the mix. "Usually you don't want to get too cute with surround mixes so nothing is too distracting," explains JD, "but treating the mix as a character of it's own allowed me to have a lot of fun in the surround environment, which is something that I never get to do."

You can check out the film below, and a great write-up on SyFy Wire.