October 13, 20

Site Update | October 2020

We have so much to share with you!

First up, a sample from our recent work on an Epix Image campaign. "One of my favorite kind of spots to work on, is one that is based around drums. In this case, BIG drums." says McM's JD McMillin. "For this particular image spot, I was given the stems for the music track. That allowed me to really dive in and make the music unique to this spot. The music is the hero of this spot, and we really made it shine. Adding more drums, and blending them with the sound design always makes for a seamless sounding mix." Paired with a masterful edit by Epix's Steve Pecarific, this spot certainly is BIG sounding. Check it out below.

Next, this past spring Nickelodeon returned to McM Sound to lend on ear to their annual Summer Image campaign. Just like last year, McM's JD McMillin composed a whole bunch of fresh Mnemonics, and a created a custom sound design package that would be all over their Summer Image network IDs and promos.

"I always love working on the Nick Summer Image campaign. Nick is one of my oldest clients, and over the years a certain level of trust has developed between us. I had a creative kick-off call with the producer Dana Osburn, and then they let me do my thing." says JD. "All the IDs are given to me without any audio on them at all, and that's big fun for a sound designer. I have a pretty guerrilla style when it comes to sound design and music composition. I import and record a whole bunch of different stuff into my timeline, then I just go nuts with editing and all my virtual instruments. Then I render stuff out, and then edit the hell out of it again. I feel like my composing and sound designing all comes out at once. They both can inspire each other. It allows for some really seamless end results." There were dozens of spots delivered for the campaign, but you can check out some of JD's favorites below.

The last of the new work highlights come in the form of some new movie trailers for Epix. "Over the summer, I worked on a number of different movie trailers with my friends at Epix. The two that stood out for me were trailers for Bombshell, and Terminator: Dark Fate. Both were created by the producer/editor combo of Jose Quezada and Dan Madigan, who I love working with. Movie trailers are tough, because they have to be both impactful, and must tell a story preview with dialog. Jose and Dan's choice of music and editing made it really easy for me to accomplish both of those things quite easily." Check out both trailers below.

Finally...we have been so eager to share with you the freshly upgraded Studio A at McM Sound! We started from the ground up with the upgrade. The studio is now based around the brand new Apple Mac Pro, with a 3.3 GHz 12-Core Intel Xeon W processor, 144 GB of DDR4 RAM, and OWC Accelsior 4M2 NVMe SSD RAIDs. We then paired that machine with an Apogee Symphony I/O and an AVID S3 Control Surface. "This system is an absolute BEAST. I love working on it!" says JD McMillin. "We re-wired the entire studio, and upgraded all of our software as well." You can check out the full list of gear on our About page.

In addition to our normal services, Studio A is now equipped to handle all of your remote recording needs! "We've added Source Connect, ISDN bridging, and phone patching to our studio to further service our clients needs. We are very excited about this new studio." says JD. Head over to our About page for a more in depth look at the studio.